Let our experience work for you

Maximize Value & Return

From Concept to Execution

Property owners can now totally outsource their development activities via our real estate development & management consulting services, gain operational savings from not hiring and maintaining their own development employees, and focus on the key strategic decisions of their business.


Havitas Developments manages the development process from start to finish: market study and business planning, conceptualization & design, to contractor selection and management, licenses and permits, marketing, sales & leasing to construction management & value engineering, all the way to turnover, operations and property management.


We partner with local and international professionals (architects, designers, engineers, urban planners, hotel operators, etc.) to come up with the right project, on time and on budget.


We are experts in multiple asset classes: from horizontal and vertical residential developments to offices, malls & shopping centers, industrial parks & massive master-planned mixed-use developments.

Your Development Partners

Our Clients Achieve

  • The development of their assets and the achievement of higher returns for the property.
  • A focus on their core business.
  • Savings from unnecessary overhead like the staffing of an in-house development team.
  • Savings on the time and focus needed to complete the complex details of a development project.

From Start to Finish

What We Do For Our Clients

Havitas Developments works closely with property owners & investors to come up with unique, innovative and tailored solutions to their property development goals.


  • Determine the highest and best use, development goal, conduct market feasibility and financial analysis.
  • Develop the strategy & approach. Set budget, cash flow requirements and schedule.
  • Source, contract and manage local and international professionals: architects, engineers, designers, planners, ad agencies, graphic design studios, etc.
  • Secure the necessary licenses and permits from local and national government units.
  • Develop marketing and branding.
  • Create and implement the sales and leasing plan.
  • Evaluate and review plans. Continuously conduct value engineering.
  • Bid, evaluate, negotiate and award contracts. Provide owners with the bid summary for owner’s approval.
  • Administer all contracts on behalf of the owners.
  • Monitor and manage project costs. Review invoices for final approval and payment by owners.
  • Identify and complete all punchlist items.
  • Provide owner all permits and licenses necessary to operate and complete the project.
  • Develop the operations manual and manage the property.